Saturday or Sunday walks ?


Generally these make use of public transport to reach places near Liverpool and in Cheshire and Wirral. The walks are of a moderate nature on easy terrain, fairly leisurely, with little ascent and usually involving distances ranging from 5 to 8 miles. Between March and October a coach is used once a month to reach places farther afield. The coach leaves from Liverpool Lime Street, but where the destination is south of the river there is an additional pick-up at Hamilton Square, Birkenhead and a similar drop-off on the return trip. On these coach trips non-walkers are welcome as the destination is usually an attractive town which can be explored.


Transport is by coach to more distant areas, usually in hilly terrain. The coach fee for members is £15.00 (non-returnable) and should be booked on-line. If you need to cancel please contact the Sunday Secretary so that another member can participate via email:

Three walks to suit different abilities are offered. As the start is early morning and the return to Merseyside may be 9pm or later, food and drink for a full day should be carried.

From people who want to go to the tops of the hills to people who are happy to stay at a lower level, we try to cater for all fitness levels. Sunday walks are arranged with a choice of three walks, (which can be decided upon on the day):


These walks are for experienced walkers who are capable of walking comfortably between 10 to 15 miles in hilly country at a good pace in 5hrs.  There is normally around 2,000ft  to 3,500ft or more of ascent and descent over the entire walk depending upon the area


For this grade of walk you must be capable of walking comfortably for around 10 to 12 miles in hilly country within 5 hrs. There is normally between 1,200 and 2,000ft of ascent and descent depending upon the area.


For this grade of walk you must be capable of walking comfortably up to 7 miles, within a 4 hr period. There is normally around 500ft of ascent and descent depending on the area


Grade D walks are held once a month during our Summer Programme and are for inexperienced walkers. This level of walk is around 5 miles with little ascent.

If in doubt test yourself over distance, keeping an eye on time.  Sometimes we always have to hasten our walks as the coach has a set  departure time.

Sufficient food and drink must be carried to sustain one for the time and distance involved.

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