How to join us


The Membership Subscription is £6 each year – the year being January to December. Renewals are due in January each year. Subscriptions will be accepted by the Membership Secretary up to 28th February, after which membership will lapse. Once you join you will receive a twice-yearly booklet covering details of the planned 6 months programme of walks.

If you require any further information or to ask for a membership application form call the Membership Secretary, Carmel Dersch, on 0151 281 3064 or email:

Please click on the link button below to download a PDF version of the membership form.

New members joining after 1st November are entitled to membership until 31st December of the following year. Postal subscriptions and other letters requiring a reply must be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope.



This should be notified to the Membership Secretary as soon as possible to ensure that you receive your programme and other correspondence.


The Group is affiliated to and actively supports the work of The Ramblers (formerly Ramblers Association) both nationally and locally (Merseyside and West Cheshire). The primary concern of the Ramblers is the protection of ramblers’ interests, in particular the preservation of footpaths. Members who experience cases of footpath obstruction should report the matter to the General Secretary.

The Group also makes donations to the Wirral Footpaths and Open Spaces Preservation Society, CPRE (Lancs Branch) and Mountain Rescue England & Wales, in support of their work.

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